Erin moe


B.A., Psychology, University of Northern Colorado

PgC, Neuroimaging; Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre

Research interests: I have long been interested in using neuroimaging as a method of research to better understand the physiological underpinnings of the brain both in disease and in health. White matter imaging, in particular, has been a strong passion of mine, as it is a rather new subset in the field of neuroimaging. I feel it may provide another piece for a more comprehensive picture to better understand the physiological changes that occur and ultimately lead to more successful therapies and treatments.

About me: I was born and raised in Boulder, CO. I am a United States Air Force veteran where I served as a medic. I enjoy hiking/backpacking in my spare time. If I am not out hiking, I can usually be found roaming the Eastern Plains of Colorado with my camera photographing supercell thunderstorms. I am also a member of the veteran disaster relief organization Team Rubicon, and occasionally deploy to disaster areas to help rebuild communities after major catastrophic events.

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